IAS Success Story: After Engineering, came to UPSC, failed twice consecutively, but Rishabh became IAS in third attempt after time management


Success Story of IAS Topper Rishabh: Today, you will tell the story of Rishabh, who became an IAS officer after receiving All India Rank 23 in UPSC Exam 2018. He got this success in the third attempt. Rishabh, who came to the dream of becoming an IAS officer after studying engineering, had to face many challenges in the journey of UPSC, but he did not lose courage and kept working hard. Due to hard work, his dream was fulfilled in the third attempt. The special thing is that in 2018, he got the highest number in the second paper of General Studies.

Learn from failures

Some people get frustrated with failures and end the journey of UPSC. But those who continue to pursue this journey with patience, they definitely succeed. Rishabh failed for the first time when he took the UPSC exam. After this, he corrected his mistakes and made another attempt. However, luck did not support him this time too and he did not get success. Despite failing twice in a row, Rishabh did not give up and kept working hard. He was confident that one day he would definitely succeed. Eventually, his dream was fulfilled in the third attempt.

It is very important to make notes

Rishabh believes that if you want to get success in UPSC, then make small notes with your preparation. These notes give you a lot of help in the end and through them you can revise yourself in a very short time. Rishabh believes that all these things may take time in the beginning, but that time will be of your use and it will help a lot in future.

Watch Rishabh’s interview given on Delhi Knowledge Track here

Rishabh’s advice to other candidates

He believes that while preparing for UPSC, you should be positive and try your best by correcting your mistakes every time. See the question papers of last year, you will get an idea from them that what kind of questions can be asked in the exam. Also, after completing syllabus, pay attention to maximum revision. Give mock test paper and during this time take special care of time. Due to time management, you will be able to try better on the exam day.

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