IAS Success Story: UPSC failed three times, then decided to leave the journey, but IAS became satisfied due to husband’s motivation


Success Story of IAS Topper Trupti Ankush Dhodmise: Today, you will tell the story of Trupti Ankush Dhodimsey, who became All India Rank 16 in UPSC exam 2018, becoming an IAS officer. His journey to UPSC was a struggle. First, she was working during this period and being married, the responsibility of the family was on her. When she failed in UPSC thrice continuously, she got frustrated and decided to leave this area. But her husband motivized and encouraged her to keep trying. As a result, his self-confidence returned and he passed the exam.

Previously achieved engineering degree

Trupti enrolled in engineering after intermediate and after earning an engineering degree started working in a company. Here he did not feel like and he got a job by passing the exam of Maharashtra State Service. However, despite this, Trupti had decided to go to UP. Despite married life and job, he started preparing for UPSC. She was confident that she would definitely pass this exam.

Husband did motivet

Trupti reached the final round in the second attempt at UPSC, but her selection was not done. This led to his confidence wavering and could not even pass the pre exam in the third attempt. In such a situation, she decided to leave this area, but her husband motivated her and asked her to make an effort. Finally, in the fourth attempt, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving All India Rank 16.

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Suggestion of fulfillment to other candidates

Trupti says that it is difficult to pass UPSC exam but not impossible. If you join the exam with better confidence then you will be able to perform well. According to him, when he failed in the second time, he got frustrated and his confidence was down. Due to this, even in the third attempt, she could not pass the pre exam. He kept his attitude positive before the fourth attempt and regained self-confidence. She says that by continuously working in the right direction with the right strategy, you can get success in this exam.

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