IAS Success Story: Kanchan passed UPSC exam in the first attempt, but did not get the service according to his mind, then made a second attempt and became IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Kanchan: The journey of UPSC is different for everyone. Here, if someone achieves success in the first attempt, then one has to struggle a long time. Today, you will tell the story of Kanchan, who has passed UPSC exam twice in a row. He passed the UPSC examination in the first attempt but according to the rank he got IRS service. He had a dream of becoming an IAS officer since his childhood and in such a situation, he decided to take the exam again. In the second attempt, he fulfilled his dream by achieving All India Rank 35.

From the beginning, serious about UPSC

Kanchan was born in Sirsa, Haryana. He had a dream of going to UPSC from the very beginning. She did her intermediate studies in Sirsa and after that she went to Delhi to pursue law. After getting graduation degree from here, he started preparing for UPSC. She had been preparing for UPSC for a long time and so she chose Law as an optional subject in UPSC. She was confident that she would definitely pass this exam. They prepared with this positive attitude.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Kanchan’s preparation was very tremendous and she made the exact strategy and appeared in the examination for the first time. This time she could not perform very well, but she got selected. According to her rank, she got IRS service, due to which she was not satisfied and she decided to take the exam till she could not get an IAS post. In the second attempt, he corrected his mistakes and performed extremely well and achieved All India Rank 35. With this, his dream of becoming an IAS officer was fulfilled.

Watch Kanchan’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Kanchan’s advice to other candidates

Kanchan believes that for the preparation of UPSC, you must first understand your syllabus. Whenever you read something, you should know whether it is of your use or not. Work hard by making a good strategy. Kanchan believes that time management is very important in the preparation of UPSC. If you join the exam with good strategy and constant hard work, then you will definitely get success.

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