IAS Success Story: Preparing for jobs and failed in UPSC four times, finally Roshan’s dream came true in fifth attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Roshan Kumar: Today, you will tell the story of Roshan Kumar, who fulfilled his dream after getting success in UPSC exam 2018, which is very inspiring for other people. Roshan started the journey of UPSC from 2013 and completed this journey in 2018. With full time job, he prepared for UPSC and during this time he got many failures but he did not lose courage and kept trying continuously. Finally, in the fifth attempt, he passed this exam with All India Rank 114.

Preparing for job

For those who think that UPSC cannot be prepared with a job, Roshan’s story can become an inspiration. Roshan never left his job and kept preparing with this. Many challenges came up during this time but he did not give up and kept working hard. He was determined that he will definitely pass this exam. For this, he paid a lot of attention to time management and this was the reason for his success. He made five attempts with a positive attitude and never let himself down.

Keep your preparation secret

Roshan believes that if you are preparing for UPSC, then keep it a secret. At least tell people about it. This will not put pressure on you and you will be able to prepare for the exam by preparing according to your mind. They say that to be successful in this exam, you should prepare for pre and mains simultaneously. They say that if you are doing a job, then do not cry the cry of time and whatever time you get, prepare using it in a better way.

See here Roshan’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Roshan’s advice to other candidates

Roshan says that you can prepare for UPSC by taking time with your job in small pieces. You should make a short distance from social life and concentrate on your preparation. If you prepare by making better strategy, then you will get success soon. In addition to preparing for this exam, the practice of answer writing is very important. They say that if you fail then do not panic and keep trying until you get success.

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