IAS Success Story: Tejaswi decided to join UPSC after engineering from IIT, topper became second attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Tejasvi Rana: After engineering, many people turn to UPSC. Many of these people also get success soon. Today, you will tell the story of Tejaswi Rana, who became an IAS officer after getting All India Rank 12 in UPSC Exam 2016, who came to this field at the behest of his parents and fulfilled his dream. She sat in the exam for the first time so that she gets an idea of ​​how the questions are asked in the exam. Based on this, he made his strategy in the second attempt and achieved success. His story is very inspiring.

Passed JEE exam after inter

Tejaswi Rana was born in Kurukshetra, Haryana. His studies up to 12th were also done from here. Tejaswi got good numbers in every class. After 12th, he decided to pursue a career in engineering and took the JEE examination. He got success in this examination and he got admission in IIT Kanpur. When he completed his degree, he turned to UPSC at the behest of parents.

The pattern of the paper explained by taking the exam for the first time

Tejaswi adopted a different strategy for success in UPSC. He tried to find out what kind of questions come in the exam by giving the exam in 2015. Her preparation was good, due to which she reached the Mains examination in the very first time. She dropped out after Mains. By then, his motive had been fulfilled. Before the second attempt, he made a strategy according to the questions asked in the paper and made his preparations. Due to this, he achieved success by achieving All India Rank 12 in the second attempt.

Watch here Tejaswi’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Tejaswi’s advice to other candidates

Tejaswi believes that to get success in UPSC exam, first of all, you should cover your syllabus properly and practice as much as possible. After preparation, it is also important to revise as much as possible and analyze your preparation. Where you come to know your mistakes, they should be rectified and included in the paper in a better way. According to them, if you prepare for the exam by preparing in the right direction, then you will definitely get success.

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