IAS Success Story: Most of the competitive exams failed, but IAS officers became targets on the basis of hard work


Success Story of IAS Topper Lakshya Singhal: Most people feel that the educational background of the people who pass the UPSC exam is very strong, but it is not so. Today, you will tell the story of Lakshya Singhal, who became an IAS officer after passing the UPSC examination, who fulfilled his dream by achieving 38th rank in 2018. He failed in many competitive exams and his family was not even sure that he would pass the exam like UPSC. However, due to continuous hard work and good strategy, he got success in the second attempt here.

Engineering selected after intermediate

Since childhood, Lakshya did not seem to mind. For the first time in high school, he studied as a serious and got good marks. This increased their confidence significantly. After intermediate, he enrolled in mechanical engineering. Actually, the goal was to get an engineering degree in computer science, but his father suggested mechanical. His father felt that if he could not do anything, then he would manage his family’s business through mechanical. During this time, the boy from his neighborhood passed the UPSC examination. Seeing him, Lakshya also decided to go to UPSC.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Lakshya spent one year coaching and for the first time took the UPSC examination in which he did not succeed. However, he reached the interview round in the first attempt. This increased their confidence and they felt that they would pass this exam. Before the second attempt, he gave up coaching and focused on self study and due to this he achieved his dream by achieving success. His journey to UPSC was around 3 years long.

Watch here Laksh’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview

Target advice to other candidates

Lakshya believes that to get success in UPSC exams, one has to focus on selfie study. He says that there is no guarantee of success in this exam, so you must keep your backup plan. However, he believes that if you work hard in the right direction, then you can definitely pass this exam. They say that average students can also achieve this success by starting from zero.

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