IAS Success Story: Shweta passed the UPSC exam thrice with the exact strategy and became an IAS officer


Success Story of IAS Topper Shweta Chauhan: Many people take years to get success in UPSC, but there are some people who achieve success in the first attempt. Even after that, they get success in all the efforts they make. Today, we will tell you the story of Shweta Chauhan who passed the UPSC exam three times. In the first and second attempt, he did not get the rank according to his mind and he made the third attempt. In the fourth attempt, he attained All India Rank 8 and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer. Let’s know his story.

Graduation from Delhi University

After intermediate, Shweta graduated in Physics Honors from Delhi University. After this, the preparation of UPSC started. His preparation was so tremendous that he achieved success in the first attempt in 2013. She achieved All India Rank 573 in this effort, which she was not satisfied with. After this, he again took time for preparation and made his second attempt in 2015, in which his rank was 474. He did not like this rank too and he made third attempt in 2016 and became the topper.

Prepare for pre and mains

Shweta believes that you should prepare for UPSC Pre and Mains Examination simultaneously. Some people prepare separately for both, which is not a good strategy. Apart from this, you should prepare with minimum books and revise as much as possible. When you practice answer writing with revision, your performance will improve and your chances of success will increase.

Watch Shweta’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Shweta’s advice to other candidates

Shweta believes that even if you have been an average student, you can pass this exam by starting from zero. She says that many times people demotivate you by saying that it is not possible for an average student to pass the UPSC exam. He believes that here you can achieve success by working hard. Your educational background does not matter to pass this exam. You can get success here by continuously working in the right direction.

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