IAS Success Story: Sometimes weak English people used to make fun, Himanshu became IAS officer in first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Nagpal: Today, when you pass the UPSC exam, you will tell the story of Himanshu Nagpal, who became an IAS officer in the first attempt, whose people used to make fun of him due to weak English. Himanshu studied up to the intermediate medium of Hindi medium and in such a situation he did not have much focus on English. However, bypassing all these, he started studying from zero and got success in UPSC. His story is inspiring for such people who feel that he will not be able to clear the UPSC exam.

World shaken by father’s accident

After intermediate, Himanshu went out for studies and his father also went with him. In the college, there was a board named Topher, on seeing which his father said, I want to see your name here. While returning from there, his father’s accident happened and his world was shaken by this. After the death of his father, Himanshu had decided that he would show the UPSC exam in all circumstances. However, his brother also died after this and this made his life very struggling. In such a situation, Himanshu took over the family and continued preparations for UPSC.

UPSC’s journey was like this

After the death of Himanshu’s father and brother, his life became very difficult, but he had decided that he would accept UPSC examination only after passing it. In such a situation, he started preparing by making a good strategy. Due to hard work and good strategy, he got success in the first attempt and his dream of becoming an IAS officer was fulfilled. In this way, his journey was very struggle.

Watch Himanshu’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Himanshu’s advice to other candidates

Himanshu advises the candidates preparing for UPSC to work hard. They believe that your background is of any kind, but if you start from zero here and try in the right direction, you will definitely get success. According to him, even if you study less, but do it continuously. They say that there are many difficulties in life, but you have to focus on your goal and this is the reason for your success.

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