IAS Success Story: Father sold his house and sent to Delhi to prepare for UPSC, first became IRS and then IAS Pradeep


Success Story of IAS Topper Pradeep Singh: Today, you will tell the story of Pradeep Singh, who became an IAS officer after receiving All India Rank 26 in UPSC exam 2019, which is very inspiring. Pradeep’s father sold him his house and sent him to Delhi to prepare for UPSC. Pradeep too passed the UPSC examination in the first attempt after preparing for one and a half years, but according to the rank, he got IRS service. Pradeep’s dream was to become an IAS since childhood, so he decided to make another attempt. In the second attempt, his All India Rank 26 came and his dream was fulfilled.

Pradeep is from a simple background

Pradeep comes from a very simple background and he was always smart in studies. This was the reason that his family members decided to send him to Delhi for preparation. The financial condition of his family was not very good, so Pradeep had also decided that he would show success in UPSC examination in the first attempt. In such a situation, he devised a good strategy and worked hard day and night. They also got positive results of this.

Strategy worked

Pradeep had already decided that he would prepare for UPSC by following a precise strategy and would fulfill the wishes of his family as soon as possible. With this, he started studying hard and made his first attempt after about one and a half years in which he got success. According to the rank, he was selected for the IRS service, but he wanted to become an IAS officer, in such a situation, he thought of taking the exam for the second time and he got success this time too.

Watch here Pradeep’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Pradeep’s advice to other candidates

Pradeep says that in order to get success in UPSC exam, you have to be patient and work continuously. They say that to prepare for UPSC, you should make a strategy of your own and by continuously implementing it you can achieve success. According to him, there are many failures in this field, but you do not have to be disappointed by that. If you work hard, you will get success one day or the other.

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