IAS Success Story: Roma got success in second attempt in UPSC, but four times exams to become IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Roma Srivastava: Today, you will tell the story of Roma Srivastava, who became an IAS officer after receiving All India Rank 70 in the UPSC exam 2019, who had passed the UPSC examination twice before. When she was successful for the first time, she was selected for the Indian Post and Telecom Service. Not satisfied with this, he made another attempt. This time, he was selected for the IPS service according to the rank. However, Roma had a dream of becoming an IAS officer. In such a situation, he made another attempt and this time, luck supported him. In this way, Roma fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS officer in the fourth attempt.

UPSC preparations start after engineering

Roma was very intelligent in studies and after intermediate he enrolled in engineering. After engineering, he made up his mind to go to UPSC and started preparing. For the first time, he took the UPSC examination in 2016, in which he did not succeed. Learning from his mistakes, he made another attempt in 2017, which was successful and he was selected for the Indian Post and Telecom Service. She was not satisfied with this and made a third attempt in 2018. This time, he got IPS service according to the rank. However, his dream was to become an IAS officer. In this way, in the year 2019, he took the UPSC exam for the fourth time and he got success.

Considers youtube very helpful

Roma believes that you can achieve success in UPSC exam without coaching. He never coached UPSC. They resorted to the Internet wherever needed. She considers YouTube very helpful. According to him, whenever he had trouble in preparation, he resorted to YouTube and his problem was also resolved.

Watch here Roma’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Roma’s advice to other candidates

Roma believes that you get success in UPSC exam with constant hard work and accurate strategy. According to him, those who are unable to take coaching, they can pass this exam on the basis of self study. She says that you get out your syllabus and prepare the study material and make a schedule and get ready for the preparation. After covering your syllabus, revise as much as possible and give maximum mock test. If you work hard in the right direction, you will definitely get success.

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