IAS Success Story: After getting an engineering degree, made up my mind to join UPSC, Shubham’s dream was fulfilled in the third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Shubham Bansal: Today, you will tell the story of Shubham Bansal, who became an IAS officer by getting All India Rank 43 in UPSC exam 2019, who had failed twice before, but he was not disappointed and kept working hard. The special thing is that in the first attempt, he reached the interview, but his name did not appear in the final list and in the second attempt, he could not even pass the pre-examination. In this case, instead of getting frustrated, he corrected his mistakes and fulfilled his dream in the third attempt.

Engineering path chosen after intermediate

After intermediate, Shubham chose the path of mechanical engineering and enrolled in an institute in Delhi for this. During engineering, he made up his mind to go to UPSC and started preparing. His hard work can be gauged from the fact that he reached the interview round in the first attempt. However, in the second attempt, he did not have good luck and got out of the pre-exam. Finally, he got success in the third attempt.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Shubham’s journey to UPSC was nearly 3 years long, in which he tried three times. He reached the interview round in the first attempt, but his number did not figure in the final list. In such a situation, he did not give up and made a second attempt and he did not get success even in the second time. He was not disappointed by this and continued the preparations. Finally, he got success in the third attempt. In this way, the journey of Shubham to become IAS was completed.

Watch Shubham’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Shubham’s advice to other candidates

Shubham believes that to get success in UPSC, you have to take the exam every time with full hard work and honesty. Many times people take the pre exam lightly and this causes them big loss. According to him, after seeing your syllabus for UPSC preparation, prepare a limited study material. Preparing with limited books gives you time to revise. If you work hard continuously, then you will definitely get success.

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