IAS Success Story: IPS officer in first attempt and IAS officer in second attempt development by making Hindi medium strong


Success Story of IAS Topper Vikash Meena: Most of the candidates preparing for UPSC feel that if they prepare through English medium, then they will get success in this exam quickly. Although the story of Vikas Meena of Rajasthan is completely different. He came out of a small village to Delhi for the preparation of UPSC and succeeded in becoming an IPS officer in the first attempt by making Hindi Medium a force. His dream was to become an IAS, so he tried once more. This time too, his strategy was very effective and he got success. In the year 2017, he passed the UPSC examination with good rank and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS.

He had his initial education in the village

Vikas was born in a village in Rajasthan and his early education was also done from here. After this, his family sent him to Delhi to prepare for UPSC. Vikas and his brother came to Delhi and started preparing for UPSC. Vikas was studying from Hindi medium and he made it his strength. He took the UPSC exam by making a precise strategy and he got success in the first time. According to the rank, he was selected for IPS service. Although he had to become an IAS officer, he tried for the second time and he got success in it.

Was afraid of Hindi medium

According to the development, whenever Delhi came for the preparation of UPSC, he was very scared about Hindi medium. They say that it was a period when very few children of Hindi medium were able to succeed in UPSC. However, removing his fears, he decided to pass this exam through Hindi medium. By adopting a precise strategy, he achieved success on the strength of Hindi medium.

See here the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track of Vikas

Development advice to other candidates

Vikas says that most of the candidates get nervous during the exam and this affects their performance a lot. In such a situation, do your preparation on the exam day and do not panic at all. Keep yourself calm that day and try to do better. Also, while preparing for UPSC, you should not be worried about your background at all. Here you can get success by starting from zero. For this, you will have to work with precise strategy and constant effort.

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