IAS Success Story: I got a job in Japan after graduation from IIT, left all and prepared for UPSC and Shivam got success


Success Story of IAS Topper Shivam Sharma: Today, you will tell the story of Shivam Sharma, who became 25th rank in UPSC examination 2018 and became an IAS officer. Shivam Sharma, originally from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, took the UPSC exam three times to become an IAS officer. He did not get success in the first time. His rank did not improve for the second time and the IRS service was allotted. But Shivam was determined that he would become an IAS officer and with this decision he tried for the third time. Luck also supported him for the third time and he got success.

Admission to IIT after intermediate

Shivam Sharma was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. After intermediate, Shivam gave the entrance exam of IIT and he got success. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Kanpur IIT. After engineering, he got a good job in Japan. After some time, he came back to India and joined a big company. During his job, he met many such people, who inspired him to go to UPSC.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Shivam Sharma first appeared in the UPSC examination in 2016, in which he did not succeed. Shivam learned from the mistakes made for the first time and tried again in which he got success but got selected in the IRS service. Shivam joined the IRS service, but still had the idea of ​​becoming an IAS officer in his mind. He took the UPSC exam for the third time in the year 2018. This time his luck was good and he got 251 rank. In this way, his journey to become an IAS officer was completed.

Watch Shivam’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Shivam’s advice to other candidates

Shivam believes that in preparation for UPSC, you should make your favorite subject optional, which increases your chances of success. They say that to get success in UPSC, you must prepare a good strategy in the right direction. Notes guidance and coaching is also easily available in today’s era, which you can take help from. They say that according to themselves, every person should prepare a strategy and prepare accordingly. If you work continuously with honesty, you will definitely get success.

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