IAS Success Story: Syed had failed in twelfth, today is IAS officer, know the mantra of his success


Success Story of IAS Topper Sayyed Riyaj Ahemad: It is said that a man should never lose courage in life and should always try until you succeed. Today we are going to tell you the story of Syed Riyaz Ahmed of Nagpur, Maharashtra, who is an inspiration for the youth. Many people think that to pass the UPSC exam, it is necessary for you to be very good in your studies. But this is not necessary. Syed Riyaz Ahmed was an average student in studies and he fulfilled his and father’s dream by passing this tough exam. Syed has shared a few things about his UPSC journey with the Delhi Knowledge Track.

Parents were not more educated
Syed Riyaz Ahmad’s parents were not very educated, yet they insisted that their children should study well. For this reason, all the four brothers and sisters of Sayyed completed their post graduation. Syed did graduation and post graduation. He was always an average student.

Watch the interview given by Syed Riyaz Ahmed to the Delhi Knowledge Track

Teacher told father your son is zero
Syed Riyaz Ahmed has always been an average student. Not only this, he once failed in the 12th class examination. After this, his teacher told his father that your son is zero and he cannot do anything in life. Sayyid found it very bad. His father replied to the teacher that he would definitely do something big one day.

Repeated failures did not lead to defeat
Syed started preparing for the year 2013 UPSC. In the year 2014, he gave the first ambush. After this, he came to Delhi and enrolled in Jamia. Then he gave another second and yet Pre did not clear. This time the reason was to do more questions, which led to negative marking. Though Syed passed the pre and mains in the third exam but remained in the interview. Syed did not give up and gave a fourth ambassador. There was no clearing of men in this. This was the time when he almost decided to leave this area. But his father explained to him and he stayed. Finally in the year 2017, he passed all the three stages of the exam and got selected for the post of IAS.

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