IAS Success Story: Prepared for UPSC with full time job, first IRS and then after many attempts, Anudeep became IAS officer


Success Story of IAS Topper Anudeep Durishetty: Today, you will tell the story of Anudeep Durischetti, a resident of Telangana, who has given UPSC exam many times to become an IAS. His journey started from the year 2012 and he got success in 2017. The special thing is that Anudeep got success in the second attempt, but according to the rank, he got IRS service. However, he was not satisfied with this and kept trying. You will be surprised to know that till 2017, he tried continuously and achieved success and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS.

Engineering path chosen after intermediate

Anudeep was very intelligent in studies from the beginning and after intermediate he chose the path of engineering. He earned a graduation degree in electronics and instrumentation from Rajasthan. His degree ended in the year 2011 and after that he started preparing for UPSC. He took the UPSC exam for the first time in 2012, in which he did not get success. He was selected in the second attempt but was given IRS service. By the way, he decided to continue trying until he became an IAS officer.

Long time to become IAS after IRS

In the second attempt, Anudeep was selected for IRS service. After this, he continued his efforts to become an IAS officer. Eventually, he got success in the 2017 examination and his dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled. Anudeep got ready with his job. He focused a lot on time management and was able to prepare for it. This was the reason for his success.

Watch here Anudeep’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Anudeep’s advice to other candidates

Anudeep believes that you can start preparing for UPSC exam with your full time job as well. For this, you have to make your schedule and work with honesty. In such a situation, people who think that this exam cannot be passed with a full time job, they think wrong. By managing time, you can give more and more time to preparation with your job and by this you can also be successful. He says that first of all gather your syllabus and accordingly study material. Then make a time table and start studying. You will get success if you work continuously with honesty.

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