IAS Success Story: After graduation from IIT, turned to UPSC, Karthik became IAS officer in first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Kollabathula Karthik: In UPSC, some people get success in the first attempt, while many people take years. Kollabatula Karthik, a resident of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in the first attempt. After intermediate, he decided to pursue a career in engineering and was given an entrance to IIT. After graduating from IIT, he changed his mind and decided to join UPSC. Karthik’s story is very inspiring for all people.

IIT’s approach after intermediate

Karthik was very intelligent in studies from the beginning and after intermediate he gave the entrance exam of IIT. He got success in this and he got a Mechanical Engineering degree from IIT Mumbai. During this time, there were some such incidents with him, due to which he decided to leave engineering and join UPSC. His strategy was highly successful and he passed the UPSC examination in the first attempt.

Resort to coaching

After graduation, Karthik joined coaching to prepare for UPSC. Karthik prepared his strategy by collecting his syllabus and study material. After studying hard, he started studying and after revising his syllabus, he revived again and again. Apart from this, he particularly focused on answer writing practice and time management. Due to all these preparations, in the first attempt, he was selected for the post of IAS.

Watch Karthik’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Karthik’s advice to other candidates

Karthik believes that to get success in UPSC exam, you have to focus a lot on self study besides coaching. Internet also plays an important role in the preparation of this exam. Apart from this, there are many such groups on social media, which provide you with materials related to UPSC. He believes that everyone should formulate a strategy according to their abilities and implement it well. If you work hard in the right direction with the right strategy, then you will definitely get success.

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