IAS Success Story: Pradeep Kumar gave UPSC exam thrice to become an IAS officer, started his journey from a small village in Bundelkhand


Success Story of IAS Topper Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi: Many people get success in UPSC but their rank is not very good. In such a situation, many people continue to prepare till they are selected for the post of IAS. Today, you will tell the story of Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, who became 74th rank in UPSC exam 2018, becoming an IAS officer. Pradeep was successful in the second attempt in UPSC but his rank was 491. In such a situation, he decided to continue trying till the post of IAS officer. His luck supported him and in the next attempt, he was selected for the post of IAS. This journey of Pradeep started from a small village in Bundelkhand.

Born in a peasant family

Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi was born in a small village in Bundelkhand. His father was a farmer and his early education was from here. After intermediate, Pradeep moved to Bhopal for an engineering degree. Till now he had no idea like UPSC. After graduating in engineering, he got a job in the electricity department. During his job he made up his mind to go to UPSC and he started preparing. Pradeep had decided that he would try his luck in UPSC exam only twice. If he does not get success in two times, then he will not pursue this journey.

IAS officer made in third attempt

By the way, Pradeep had come to decide that he would appear in the UPSC examination only twice, but his journey was stretched for about 3 attempts. Actually, he got a failure in the first attempt. When he made a second attempt, his selection was done. However, his rank was 491 due to which he did not get the post of IAS. In such a situation, he made up his mind to try once more. This time, luck also supported him and his All India Rank was 74. In this way, he got the post of IAS and his journey to UPSC was completed.

Watch here Pradeep’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Pradeep’s advice to other candidates

Pradeep advises candidates preparing for UPSC to focus on self-study. They believe that if you are in a place where coaching facilities are not available, then you can take the support of the Internet. They say that there is a lot of study material available on the Internet, with the help of which you can do self study. Pradeep did not join any kind of coaching for UPSC. He showed success on the basis of self study. They say that the background you are from does not matter in the preparation of UPSC. If you start from zero and work hard here, you will definitely get success.

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