IAS Success Story: Good job after engineering, but Visakha chose UPSC’s path and succeeded in third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Vishakha Yadav: Every year, millions of people across the country try their luck in UPSC. Some get success in the first attempt, so many people take a long time to pass this exam. Many such people also come, who put their careers at stake and prepare for the UPSC exam. Today, we will tell you the story of Visakha Yadav, who hails from Delhi, who fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving All India Rank 6 in the UPSC 2019 exam. Visakha had to make three attempts to pass this exam.

Engineering path chosen after intermediate

Visakha Yadav was born in Delhi. She was intelligent in studies since childhood and after intermediate she enrolled in engineering. After obtaining an engineering degree, Visakha got a good salary job in a company. After working for almost 2 years, he changed his mind. Then he decided to come to UPSC. His family also wanted Visakha to become an IAS officer after passing the UPSC examination and he decided to quit his job and take this difficult decision.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Visakha took a long time to achieve success in UPSC. In the first two attempts, she could not even pass the UPSC pre exam. This is disappointing for any candidate, but they did not give up. Visakha continued to keep himself motive and positive. He decided to become an IAS officer at any cost. In such a situation, he tried hard for the third time. This time, he not only succeeded in the UPSC exam, but also set the record by bringing All India Rank 6. In this way, his journey was about three years.

Watch here the interview given to Visakha’s Delhi Knowledge Track

Visakha’s advice to other candidates

Visakha says that he got a failure in the first two attempts because his preparation was not complete. They had now gathered a lot of study material, due to which the entire syllabus could not be revisited well. Along with this, the practice of answer writing was also reduced. In this way, in the third attempt, he achieved success by removing all these shortcomings. She advises other candidates to work hard. Visakha believes that to get success in UPSC, you have to constantly prepare in the right direction.

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