IAS Success Story: Dengue occurred before UPSC Mains exam, despite being admitted in ICU, Navjeevan continued his studies and got success for the first time


Success Story of IAS Topper Nav Jeevan Pawar: Today, you will tell the story of Navjeevan Pawar, who became an IAS officer by passing UPSC examination in the year 2018, who faced the difficulties in this journey and finally got success. His story is inspiring to millions of people. Navjivan Pawar, originally from Maharashtra, fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by passing the UPSC examination in the first attempt. His journey to UPSC was not very long but during this time he faced many challenges. Once his health deteriorated and he had to be admitted to the hospital as well, but he did not stop his preparations.

Arrived Delhi for the preparation of UPSC

Navjeevan was born in a village in Maharashtra and his father was a farmer. His childhood passed through a lot of difficulties. He was very smart in studies, so his family decided to send him to Delhi for the preparation of UPSC. However, one day during his coaching in Delhi, his health deteriorated. When reached at the hospital, it was found that he had dengue. In such a situation, the family called him to himself. Here Navjivan was admitted to a hospital.

Preparations started in the hospital itself

When Navjivan had dengue, he had passed the UPSC pre-examination and there was only one month left in the Mains examination. In such a situation, he had to spend a long time in the hospital. During this time, Navjivan was more worried about UPSC examination than his health. Not only this, he started studying in ICU itself. Seeing this, the doctors who treated him were also surprised. Although Navjivan was determined that whatever the circumstances, he has to prove himself by passing the UPSC exam. After coming back from the hospital, he prepared whole heartedly. His luck also supported him and he was successful in the first attempt.

Watch here the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track of Navjivan

Advice of new life to other candidates

UPSC prepares the candidates for Navjivan to work hard continuously. They say that you will face many challenges in this journey, due to which you have to fight and win. Many people will try to demotivate you, but by not paying attention to them, you have to maintain focus on your goal. They say that if you have decided to join UPSC, then try your best to achieve your goal. If you work honestly with the right strategy, then you will definitely get success.

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