IAS Success Story: Disappointed with the failures, made up his mind to quit UPSC, friends asked for another attempt, finally Akshat got success


Success Story of IAS Topper Akshat Kaushal: It is very important to be patient to pass any exam. When people get failure, they get frustrated and their patience is broken. But those who keep trying to stay positive during such difficult times, they definitely get success. Today, you will tell the story of Akshat Kaushal who has been successful in UPSC exam 2017, which is inspiring for everyone. Akshat got this success in the fifth attempt. In the year 2017, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving 55th rank. He is an inspiration for every person who is preparing for UPSC.

Made up my mind to ever leave UPSC

Akshat’s journey to UPSC was very long. He got success in the fifth attempt here. You will be surprised to know that when Akshat got failure 4 times, he got frustrated. He had decided that he would no longer try for UPSC. However, some of his friends advised him to make another attempt. This thing sat in Akshat’s mind and he made up his mind to make the last attempt. This time Akshat did as much preparation as possible in a very short period of time. After all, this time his luck also supported him and he passed the UPSC exam.

Must work hard in the right direction

Akshat believes that before preparing for UPSC, you should get complete information about it. After getting complete information about UPSC syllabus and paper, you will be able to make a better blueprint of your preparation. Once your complete plan is ready, then execute it well. Never keep overconfidence during UPSC preparation. If you feel that a subject is stronger than before, then you should focus on it completely. Here small mistakes become the cause of your failure.

Watch here interview of Akshat’s Delhi Knowledge Track

Akshat’s advice to other candidates

Akshat believes that even after preparing fully for UPSC exam, many times the result does not get the desired result. In such a situation, candidates should not give up hope and should keep trying their best. Many times things should be left on time. He feels that in the first 4 attempts, he made complete preparations but in the fifth attempt, he got success by preparing in a very short time. They say that you should work hard in UPSC exams honestly and do not be disappointed on failure. Keep yourself positive and motive. One day you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work.

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