IAS Success Story: After obtaining computer engineering degree, made up his mind to join UPSC, Ramit got success in third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Ramit Chennithala: The thoughts of any human being change over time. Today, you will tell the story of Ramit Chennithala, who had succeeded in the UPSC examination, who once wanted to pursue a career in the field of IT after getting a computer engineering degree. However, when his engineering was completed, his mind changed. After the degree, he decided to prepare for UPSC instead of doing a job. It took nearly three years for him to succeed in UPSC. He scored the highest marks in the interview. Let’s know about their journey.

Graduation from kerala

Ramit was born in Delhi, but he is originally from Kerala. After studying from Delhi to Intermediate, he decided to graduate from Kerala. He graduated in computer engineering. By the last year of graduation, his mood changed so much that he decided not to go into the field of IT. In such a situation, he caught the path of UPSC and started preparing. Here he got success in the third attempt.

UPSC’s journey was like this

When Ramit gave UPSC exam for the first and second time, he did not get success. But he did not disappoint and kept preparing continuously. He got success in the third attempt. His 210 rank came in UPSC exam 2017. In this way, his journey of UPSC was about 3 years. He worked diligently in these years and finally got success.

Watch Ramit’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ramit’s advice to other candidates

Ramit believes that if you want to get success in UPSC, then you have to work continuously. Newspapers play an important role in the preparation of UPSC. Every person preparing for UPSC should read the news paper every day. Apart from this, you should make a strategy according to your own and execute it. You should not panic in case of failure in UPSC and try to make the next attempt in a much better way. They believe that if you take care of small things during the interview, then you can get good numbers.

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