IAS Success Story: After graduating from IIT, started working in a foreign company, suddenly UPSC’s Khayal changed Shanu’s life


Success Story of IAS Topper Shanu Dimri: Today, you will tell the story of Shanu Dimri, who became an IAS officer after getting success in UPSC examination, who decided to leave the job of a foreign company and come in this field. His journey to UPSC was fixed very soon. Shanu got success in the first attempt. The story of Shanu, who graduated from IIT, is very interesting. Shanu passed the UPSC examination by preparing for one year without coaching.

Graduated from IIT

Delhi-based Shanu Dimri was very smart in studies. After intermediate, he removed the entrance of IIT and enrolled in IIT Kanpur. Even Sanu had no intention of going to UPSC. In such a situation, he joined a foreign company after studying from IIT. Here he worked for a year. After this, he felt that luck should also be tried once in UPSC. In such a situation, he started preparing by removing the complete syllabus from the Internet. In any case, they made preparations by aiming to pass the exam for the first time.

UPSC’s journey was like this

When she decided to come to UPSC, she left the job and came home. First of all, Shanu took out the complete syllabus of UPSC from the Internet and after that gathered the study material. Then he started preparing whole heartedly. Shanu felt that if she would join coaching, she would waste a lot of time in traveling to and from there, so she focused on self study. Wherever they needed, they resorted to the Internet. In this way, after nearly 1 year of rigorous preparation, he took part in the UPSC examination. Shanu’s luck also supported him and he got success in the first time.

See here interview given to Shanu’s Delhi Knowledge Track

Shanu’s advice to other candidates

UPSC prepares candidates to focus on Shanu Self Study. He believes that if you take the help of internet instead of coaching, then your preparation can be much better. She says that in today’s time, there is a lot of study material available on the Internet which can be easily accessed. Apart from this, you have to make a strategy according to your own abilities and by implementing it you can get success in UPSC exam. You have to work continuously to pass this exam.

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