IAS Success Story: Achieved good numbers in most of the exams, but it took five years for Bisakha to get success in UPSC.


Success Story of IAS Topper Bishakha Jain: Often people feel that those who are smart in studies from the beginning get success in UPSC exam quickly, but it is not so. Today, you will tell the story of Bishakha Jain, who got success in UPSC exam 2019, who got good numbers in most of the exams, but it took a long time of five years to get success in UPSC. Once frustrated by the failures, he joined a private job, but then jumped into the UPSC and fulfilled his dream of becoming an officer by achieving success.

Came to UPSC after doing ca.

Bishakha was always smart in studies and had good numbers in most of her exams. Not only this, he also got success in the entrance exam of Chartered Accountant (CA) for the first time. After this, he obtained very good numbers during his CA studies. In such a situation, he felt that he is very good in academics and he should try his luck in the field of UPSC. He hoped that he would pass the UPSC examination in the first place. However this did not happen and he got success in the fifth attempt.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Bishakha participated in the UPSC exam with all the hard work, but he got a failure in the first time. She was not disappointed by this and tried her second and third attempts. However, they did not get success in this either and they were disappointed by this. He got a job in a private company, but his dream was still to go to UPSC. In such a situation, she kept preparing with the job and made a fourth attempt. He did not get success even in the fourth attempt. Even after such a long struggle, Bishakha wanted to clear the UPSC exam. In such a situation, he made a fifth attempt and this time he got success. In the UPSC examination of the year 2019, he got 101 rank. In this way, their journey is complete.

See here the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track of Bishakha

Visakha’s advice to other candidates

Bishakha believes that in the field of UPSC you get failure many times, then you get frustrated. However, at that time we should be patient and keep preparing ourselves. There is no other option but to work hard to achieve success in UPSC. She says that many people accept UPSC as everything, but it is not so. They believe that you should prepare UPSC with full force till the last attempt. If you do this, one day you will definitely get success.

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