IAS Success Story: On leaving the medical field on the advice of brother, she joined UPSC, in the first attempt, IAS officer became Artika


Success Story of IAS Topper Artika Shukla: Today, you will tell the story of Artika Shukla, resident of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, who fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving All India Rank 4 in UPSC exam 2015. The special thing is that Aartika had obtained MBBS and MD degrees before joining UPSC. Both her brothers are also in good positions after getting success in UPSC exam and it was only on her behest that Artika decided to enter this field. He proved himself by passing UPSC exam in the first attempt without coaching.

Was very smart from childhood

Artika Shukla was born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. She was very intelligent in studies since childhood. She got her initial education from Banaras and after that she shifted to Delhi for studies. After bringing good numbers in the intermediate, he gave the entrance exam of MBBS and his selection was done. After completing his MBBS degree, he gave the MD exam and he got success in that too. He obtained two degrees in the medical field. After this, he also passed the UPSC examination in the first attempt.

Brother gave suggestion of UPSC

Artika, who got MBBS and MD degrees, was becoming very successful in the medical field. Both his brothers had passed the UPSC exam, in such a situation, the brothers advised Artika to come in this field. Then what was it that Artika started preparing for UPSC. Within just one year, he completed the preparation of UPSC examination and took the exam and got success in it too. Not only this, his All India Rank 4 came, which is a huge achievement. They believe that UPSC preparations can be completed in 1 year if done with the right strategy.

Watch here Artika’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Artika’s advice to other candidates

Artika Shukla got success in UPSC without coaching. He believes that if you prepare with good strategy, you can achieve success in a short time. According to them, you can improve your preparation by reading NCERT books up to class 12th. Answer writing is also very important to get success in UPSC exam. By solving practice sets many times before the paper, you will also be able to manage time. She says that one should not be discouraged by failures and continue their preparations. After all, those who work hard surely get success.

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