IAS Success Story: Even the people of the house were not confident that the targets would be able to pass the UPSC exam, but in the second attempt, they proved themselves.


Success Story of IAS Topper Lakshya Singhal: Today, you will tell the story of Lakshya Singhal, who became an IAS officer by bringing the 38th rank in the UPSC exam 2018, whose educational background was not very strong. However, he worked hard regardless of his background and fulfilled his dream by achieving success in the second attempt. Once even his family members advised him not to waste his time in preparing for UPSC, but Lakshya was determined to prove himself. He had to do something to the society and because of this, he chose the path of UPSC.

Good numbers came in high school

Lakshya says that children who are not clever in studies, have little hope from their family members. He was not very smart in studies, but when good numbers came in high school, the family gave him a lot of importance. He liked this honor and decided to study hard by working in the same way. After intermediate, he enrolled in mechanical engineering. Actually his mind was in computer engineering but his father asked him to enroll in mechanical branch. In such a situation, he obeyed his father and got a degree in mechanical engineering.

UPSC’s journey was like this

After the engineer, he decided to try his luck in UPSC and joined a coaching for him. However, after a year, he decided to leave coaching and study self. He made a good strategy and started preparing the material by collecting. In the first attempt, he reached the interview round but his number did not appear in the final list. Instead of being disappointed by this, he recognized his mistakes and corrected them. In the second attempt, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by getting a good rank.

Watch here Laksh’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview

Target advice to other candidates

Lakshya Singhal says that in order to clear the UPSC exam, you need to work hard continuously. Your success in this exam is not guaranteed, so keep your backup ready. However, if you prepare a strategy according to your ability, then you can get success in this exam. After failing in this exam, people will taunt you but by ignoring them you have to focus on your goal. The right strategy and persistent hard work can give you success in this exam.

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