IAS Success Story: To help the needy people, Nidhi decides to become an IAS officer from a doctor, success in the first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Nidhi Patel: In the field of UPSC, many times people get success in the first attempt. Their good preparation and precise strategy contribute to this. Today, you will tell the story of Nidhi Patel, who became a IAS officer from a doctor. The special thing is that after preparing for just 9 to 10 months, he took the UPSC exam and he also got success. Prior to this, she had served as a doctor after taking MBBS and MS degrees. However, in order to serve people as much as possible, he made up his mind to come to UPSC and fulfill his dream by achieving success.

UPSC takes care after MBBS and MS

Nidhi Patel was interested in the field of medicine and that is why she enrolled in MBBS after intermediate. After MBBS, he earned an MS degree. After this, he started a job. During his job, he saw many people who were in dire need of help. As a doctor, he gave her full help but needed more help than that. In such a situation, he decided to help those people by becoming an IAS officer through UPSC. What was it then Nidhi quit her job and started preparing for UPSC.

Success in first attempt

Nidhi Patel is one of the candidates who got success in UPSC in the first attempt. He completed his preparations in just 9 to 10 months time and proved himself by achieving success. For this, he made a good strategy and practiced more and more answer writing with the necessary books. During this time, he also took great care of time and revisited the syllabus again and again. After so much preparation, he took the UPSC exam and he got success.

Watch here Nidhi’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Fund advice to other candidates

Nidhi advises people preparing for UPSC exam to practice answer writing as much as possible. Nidhi says that if you try to make your answer as effective as possible during the exam, you will get good numbers. Do not leave any question in the exam and try to give the best answer to everyone. Apart from this, Motivation plays a major role in your success. It is very important to prepare yourself by keeping yourself motive. According to Nidhi, making good strategy is also important in UPSC.

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