IAS Success Story: After engineering, got job, then left all and prepared for UPSC and Divya became IAS officer in second attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Divya Shakti: The story of Divya Shakti, who became 79th rank in the UPSC examination 2019, became an IAS officer, is very inspiring. He did his master’s degree in economics after engineering. After joining the master’s degree, he joined the job, but his heart was not in the job. He thought for about a year in which area he should go. Eventually, he made up his mind to enter the UPSC field. With all his heart, he prepared for UPSC and achieved success in the second attempt. Divya believes that if you have good motivation, then you should come to the area.

After Engineering, Master Degree in Economics

Divya was born in Bihar. She was always smart in studies and after intermediate she enrolled in engineering. After earning an England degree, he earned a master’s degree in Economics. After this, he worked for a few years and then made up his mind to join UPSC. In this way, he took a long time to think in which field he has to make his career. However, once he decided to join UPSC, he did not look back.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Divya’s journey to UPSC was not very long and she got success in the second attempt. He says that for the first time, he only took the exam so that he could see what kind of questions come in the paper. For the first time, he took the experience and prepared accordingly. He made a precise strategy and after covering his syllabus well, made a second attempt vigorously. This time his strategy was successful and he got success. In this way, Divya’s journey from engineer to IAS was completed.

Watch here Divya’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Divya’s advice to other candidates

The people preparing for UPSC advise to choose Divya Optional very thoughtfully. She says that you should choose the subject according to your strength. After covering your syllabus properly, practice as much as you can in answering the syllabus. Apart from this, you can decide whether to do coaching or not, after assessing your preparation. If you need, you can do anything and if you do not need, you can also get success in UPSC through self-study.

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