IAS Success Story: The family members kept the condition of getting married after failing, but Nidhi fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS in the third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Nidhi Siwach: Today, you will tell the story of Nidhi Sivach, who became an IAS by getting 83rd rank in UPSC exam 2018, which is inspiring for thousands of people. Nidhi got success in UPSC in the third attempt. There were many turning points in his journey, where he felt that now he would not be able to complete this journey, but he showed his dream by fulfilling his dream in the third attempt on the basis of his hard work. The special thing is that he did not join any kind of coaching for the preparation of UPSC exam.

Was born in gurugram

Nidhi was born in Gurugram, Haryana. After intermediate he enrolled in engineering and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering. After engineering, he got a job in a company in Hyderabad and he worked for about 2 years. After this he felt that his destination is not this job. Along with this, some such incidents happened to him, which motivated him for the UPSC examination. From here he made up his mind to achieve success in UPSC and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in the third attempt.

Family members had kept the condition of marriage

They got failure twice in UPSC, after which the family started pressuring them to get married. However, he wanted to get married only after getting success in UPSC. In such a situation, before the third attempt, the housemates put a condition in front of them. She said that if she fails in the stage in this effort, at the same time, she will have to end this journey and accept the proposal of marriage. He accepted this condition and started working harder. Luck also supported him in the third time and he fulfilled his dream by achieving success.

Watch here Nidhi’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Fund advice to other candidates

Nidhi advises the people preparing for UPSC to work hard. He says that you can get failure many times in this exam but there is no need to be disappointed with that. You have to learn from your failure every time and try to do better by correcting those mistakes. She says that every time your goal is to pass the exam, but sometimes small mistakes become obstacles in your path. When you rectify your mistakes and sit in the exam with full hard work and honesty, you will definitely get success.

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