IAS Success Story: I was not able to pass UPSC pre-exam even for four years, Rishi got success in fifth attempt through continuous hard work


Success Story of IAS Topper Rishi Anand: Today, you will tell the story of Rishi Anand, who succeeded in UPSC exam, who took a long time of 5 years to cover this journey. During this he faced many troubles, but he did not disappoint and kept his hope alive. The surprising thing is that in the first 4 attempts, they could not even clear the UPSC pre-exam. However, in the fifth attempt, he went through all the rounds and his dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled. His story is very inspiring for people who get frustrated with failure.

Know the background of sage

Rishi Anand was born in a village in Jharkhand and his family’s financial condition was not good. Because of this, most of their education was done from ordinary institutions. After intermediate, he enrolled in engineering and joined a job after engineering. During this time, he passed a government job test and he became successful in it. Here he got an opportunity to work with an IAS officer and was very impressed with him. After coming here, Rishi Anand decided to try his luck in UPSC. For this he struggled for a long time.

How was the journey of UPSC

Rishi’s journey to UPSC was very long. He gave the UPSC exam for the first time, so he could not pass the pre-exam. In this way, he tried four times and failed the pre-examination four times. However, he did not disappoint and continued his preparations. He finally succeeded in the fifth attempt. His rank of 145 in the 2019 UPSC examination came. In this way his dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled.

See here Rishi’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Sage’s advice to other candidates

Rishi Anand advises people preparing for UPSC not to be discouraged by failures. They say that no matter how many times you fail in UPSC, but keep yourself motive. If you continue to work hard as a motive, then one day you will definitely get success. Your journey in UPSC may be long, but if you are constantly preparing, then you will definitely get success.

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