IAS Success Story: Good numbers did not come in engineering, people said that UPSC did not belong to you, but Himanshu became IAS in the first attempt of hard work.


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Kaushik: People who get success in UPSC exams come from different backgrounds. Everyone has to work hard to come here. Many people believe that they can achieve the same success in this exam, whose education background is very strong, but it is not so. For UPSC, you can start preparing from zero and achieve success regardless of your background. Today, tell you the story of Himanshu Kaushik of Delhi, which is quite inspiring for the people.

Good numbers did not come after tenth

Himanshu Kaushik was born in Delhi and his early education was also from Delhi. He got 82 percent in high school. After this, he had to struggle for good numbers in intermediate and B.Tech. Not only this, in BTech one or two subjects also got backed. However, even after all this, he completed his B.Tech with 65 percent of the numbers. After BTech, he got a job in a company. He worked for about 3 years. After this, he did not feel in the job. In such a situation, he made up his mind to take the UPSC exam.

Many people said – you will not be able to

Himanshu Kaushik was not very smart in reading and due to this many people advised not to go to UPSC. People said that you will lose your job in the UPSC affair and nothing will be achieved. However, in the midst of all this, Himanshu was determined to prove himself by getting success in UPSC. What was it then, Himanshu started preparing for the UPSC with full force. He covered the syllabus of UPSC very well and made a good strategy. His luck also supported him and he got success in the first attempt in the 2017 examination. He fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by securing the 77th rank of All India.

Watch here Himanshu Kaushik’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Himanshu’s advice to other candidates

Himanshu says that many people do not appear in UPSC exam because they feel that they are not very smart in studies. He says that be it IIT, IIM or UPSC exam, if your heart tries to appear in these exams then you should definitely try. According to Himanshu, many times people demotivate and say that this will not happen to you. One should not pay attention to such people and keep working hard. If you will study whole heartedly and join UPSC exam then you will definitely get success.

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