IAS Success Story: Riddhima failed due to stress on UPSC exam day, then success like this


Success Story of IAS Topper Riddhima Srivastava: To get success in UPSC, it is very important to have a positive attitude. If you prepare yourself positively and the result will be better. Today, you will tell the story of Riddhima Srivastava, who got 74th rank in UPSC exam 2018. Her preparations were complete in the first attempt, but after going to the examination hall she became very tense and made mistakes. In such a situation, she could not even pass the pre-exam. In the second attempt, he rectified his mistakes and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS. Many people can learn from their story, who are preparing for this exam.

Time management is very important

According to Riddhima, when she took the UPSC exam for the first time, she could not manage time. She kept getting entangled in some questions and the time passed. In the end, they had less time left and more questions. Apart from this, it also took him a long time to fill the OMR sheet, which wasted his precious time in it. To get success in any examination, it is very important to take care of time. Many times people get entangled in a question and time is wasted in their affair. In such a situation, if you have to pass the exam, then learn to manage time.

Do not take stress during the exam

Despite the complete preparation of Riddhima Srivastava, she failed in the first attempt, due to which the tension was there. She got stressed by going to the examination hall and could not perform her best. This happens with most people but it is very important to have a positive attitude during the exam. If you take the exam after taking stress, then it will be difficult for you to give hundred percent. Also, there is no need to take stress during preparation. If you manage to stop the tension in the journey of UPSC, then you will emerge as the winner one day.

Watch Riddhima’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Riddhima’s advice to other candidates

Riddhima advises people preparing for UPSC exams to work hard and relieve. She says that read your syllabus many times and keep revising it continuously. Riddhima also advises candidates to stay away from social media. According to him, everyone should prepare by making strict rules. After completing the syllabus, practice answer writing. This will give you practice to solve paper within the stipulated time. If all these things are taken care of, then you will definitely get success.

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