IAS Success Story: After graduating from IIT, I got a job for a year, after leaving everything, Utsav took the path of UPSC.


Success Story of IAS Topper Utsav Gautam: Today, you will tell the story of Utsav Gautam, who became an IAS officer by securing 33rd rank in UPSC exam 2017. His story is inspiring to many people. He got this success in the fourth attempt. Prior to this, he got failure thrice, but he continued to work patiently. Utsav got a good job after graduating from IIT. However, to serve the country, he chose the path of UPSC and achieved success by walking on it.

UPSC took care during graduation

Utsav Gautam hails from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He was smart in studies and after intermediate he got admission in IIT Patna. He graduated from IIT. After graduation, he got a job and worked for a year. Although he always aspired to serve the country. In such a situation, he felt that UPSC could be a better way to serve the country. He left the job and started preparing for UPSC and fulfilled his dream by becoming an IAS in the fourth attempt.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Utsav Gautam’s journey to UPSC was very long. He did not get success in the first three attempts. However, he was not disappointed and kept on making his preparations. He knew that he would get success one day or the other. He continued to work hard with a positive attitude. In the fourth attempt, he corrected his mistakes and performed better. Due to this, he got All India 33rd rank. He had such a good rank that he got the rank of IAS according to his mind.

See here the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track of the festival

Celebration advice to other candidates

Those preparing for UPSC are advised to revise as much as possible by covering the festive syllabus. They believe that if you can solve the paper in a better way within the time limit, then it will prove to be a very positive point for you. They say that you select the books very thoughtfully and revise them again and again. According to him, it is also very important to be patient to get success in the exam. If you keep working hard and keep taking the exam then you will definitely get success.

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