IAS Success Story: Ruchi Bindal became the topper by defeating success in such a way, know tips


Success Story of IAS Topper Ruchi Bindal: The dream of every student who is preparing for competitive exam is to clear UPSC and become IS or IPS. This job not only gives prestige and status in the society, it also gives a precious opportunity to work for the development of our society. But the preparation and success of the civil service demands a long struggle. Ruchi Bindal is one such successful UPSC candidate who considered repeated failures to be a wall of success and was willing to work harder every time than last time.

Ruchi failed four times but in 2019 he not only passed the UPSC examination but was also the topper (39th rank) in it. Ruchi Bindal’s experience and his tips are extremely useful for students preparing for UPSC. Ruchi clearly says that all students of prep or mains should adopt the same strategy that works for them. If you blindly follow others, you will not get the desired results.

What should be the strategy for UPSC Pre
Interest for Pre says that try to solve as many questions as possible. You should answer those questions first, whose answers you know for sure. After that, you should approach those questions in which you are a bit confused. You should try to write the answers to these questions too with a mind. This strategy of interest worked for him, but for this at least every question should be read by you.

What should be the strategy for UPSC Mains
For men’s papers, it is of interest to keep limited sources and revise them again and again. Once the preparation is done, give mock test again and again. Mock tests have an important role in UPSC exams according to interest. Ruchi says that the more you practice writing, the more chances you will get to score.

Ruchi Bindal’s interview video can be very useful for the students, watch the video

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