IAS Success Story: Failed four times but without coaching, IAS became Rashikesh Reddy for the fifth time


UPSC Success Story Of Rushikesh Reddy: There was a dialogue in the film Raanjhanaa, ‘Your love has not happened, the UPSC has done the exam, it has not been clear for 10 years.’ You can understand how difficult it is to get the UPSC exam, it is ingrained in the public. But they say that if the stubbornness is true and determination is determined, then no floor is far away. There is a similar story of Rushikesh Reddy of Andhra Pradesh. Who, despite having failed four times, not only became IAS but also became a rank holder in the fifth attempt.

Originally from Rashikesh, a resident of Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh, he was a brilliant student since childhood. After school, he cleared the IIT examination and took admission in IIT Delhi. After graduating from here, Rushikesh started giving UPSC attendants. In his first encounter, he reached the interview but was left with number 20. Rushikesh did not give up and continued to give UPSC exams.

He failed to pass the Mains exam in the second semester. He cleared all three stages in the third exam and got the rank 374. Under this rank, he was allotted the Indian Railway Traffic Service. He was employed in the same service during the fifth Attempt. However, Rushikesh was still not satisfied with his rank, so he again gave the result and he got the biggest blow in the fourth time when he could not even pass the pre. From here you can understand that nothing can be said about this exam. Finally, in his fifth Attempt, Rushikesh achieved success with the rank of 95th.

Can be successful without coaching

Rushikesh does not consider coaching necessary for success. He himself has found success without coaching. Rushikesh says that self study is the most important. Even after taking coaching, after all work is self-study. He said that the students preparing should keep their spirits up. Keep yourself ready for every situation. It has also been seen many times that in four appearances, no one can remove pre, but in the fifth appearance, he becomes a straight IAS. That is why it is most important to trust yourself.

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