IAS Success Story: Civil Services Examination Thrice, Passed Three Times But Akash Bansal Considered As IAS


UPSC Success Story Aakash Bansal: Civil service is the dream of many people. There are many students who are unable to pass this exam even after giving all their prompts, while there are some students who have cleared UPSC in the first place. At the same time, there are some students who passed the exam as many times. Akash Bansal is one such person.

Please tell that Akash had given the UPSC exam for the first time in the year 2016 and his selection was also done in the first time. Akash got rank 165 in the first attempt of the year 2016 and under this he was allotted IRS service. Akash joined here but his mind was still kept on the post of IAS. Consequently, he took the exam again and was selected again in the year 2017. This time, his rank was earlier and improved and 130th. The good thing was that the selection was done, the rank was also better but the bad thing was that still IAS rank was not available. This year, Akash was allotted to the Indian Foreign Service, but after much confusion, he did not join it and remained engaged in the IRS service.

Perhaps it is because he still had IAS dreams in mind and he was sure that somewhere, one day his dream will be fulfilled. Finally, after years of hard work, Akash got the 76th rank in the UPSC examination in the year 2018 and his dream of getting an IAS post came true. It took a long time for Akash to reach here, but he never lost courage. Otherwise we have seen many such candidates who reach interview round one year but do not get selected for pre next year also. If seen, Akash took a fierce risk but calculated. He gave the rest of the prompts only after joining the IRS service he got in the first attempt. It was difficult to study with work but they continued.

Watch the video of Akash’s interview

Make your written answer the best, the chances of selection will increase
In his interview, Akash says that your success depends on 50 percent answer writing. Akash says that it is very important to develop the art of writing your words in an effective way. Akash says that for this, regular practice should be done. Akash insists on solving test papers for both pre and mains. They say that if the candidates will practice giving their answers within the stipulated time, then they will not have any problem in the final exam.

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