IAS Success Story: I did not pass the UPSC pre-exam thrice, but IAS became interested in the fifth attempt by Motivate herself


Success Story of IAS Topper Ruchi Bindal: Any Patience also plays a very important role in getting success in the exam. If you work hard with patience, then you will definitely succeed. A similar story is of Ruchi Bindal, who had failed in UPSC many times. However, interest did not disappoint and he kept preparing himself by keeping himself motive. His journey to UPSC was long, but he got success in the fifth attempt. Not only this, he got the All India 39th rank in the fifth attempt. His journey is an inspiration for such people who have not got success in UPSC and are constantly preparing. Let’s take a look at his journey.

How was UPSC’s journey of interest

Ruchi Bindal’s journey to UPSC was very long. Three times she could not pass the pre-exam. This is very disappointing for any candidate. However, he kept himself positive and kept preparing. In the fourth attempt, she passed the pre-exam. This increased his confidence and he took the Mains exam. However, she could not pass the Mains exam. This time, the goal of interest was to clear the Mains exam and go to the interview. In the fifth attempt, she not only reached the interview but also fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS by securing 39th rank. In this way, he got success in UPSC for the fifth time.

Tips for pre-examination of civil service

Passing the pre-exam of UPSC has been very difficult for interest. In such a situation, they say that to clear this exam, you should read your syllabus thoroughly. They say keep selected books of every subject and read them well many times. This will save your time and increase your chances of passing the exam. They believe that everyone has a different strategy to pass in any exam. If you adopt the strategy of another person, it will not be better for you. You should make the strategy according to your needs.

Watch here Ruchi Bindal’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Advice of interest to other candidates

Advises people who are preparing for UPSC to read with interest. She says that the more you practice answer writing, the better it will be for you. It is also very important to be patient to get success in this exam. When you are unsuccessful, learn something from it and try to improve it further by correcting your shortcomings. Your hard work and patience means a lot for success in this exam.

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