IAS Success Story: Ankush left the job with a package of 19 lakhs to become an IAS, he was impressed by the officer during the internship


Success Story of IAS Topper Ankush Kothari: The journey of UPSC is different for everyone. If someone decides this journey with less facilities, then many people have enough facilities. Today, you will tell the story of Ankush Kothari, who became an IAS by passing UPSC examination, which is inspiring for all. Ankush’s journey to UPSC was very much a struggle. After graduating from IIT, he got an offer of a job with a package of 19 lakh rupees per annum but he turned it down. The reason behind this was the dream of becoming an IAS. During the internship, Ankush met many officers, which he was very impressed with. After this he decided to get success in UPSC exam. His dream was fulfilled in the third attempt.

Childhood passed through extreme struggles

Ankush was extremely young when his parents separated from each other. In such a situation, he was raised by his mother. Ankush did not get many facilities in childhood, but in spite of this, he was very smart in studies. He studied up to Intermediate with a lot of heart. After this I decided to go to IIT. The financial situation was not such that he should go to coaching somewhere for the IITs. In such a situation, he stayed home and prepared himself on the basis of self study. When he gave the entrance of IIT, he passed and he enrolled in Kanpur IIT. Graduation degree from here.

I met officers during internship

Although Ankush started preparing for UPSC from the last year of graduation, but during his internship he met many officers. I was very impressed to meet these officers and decided to become an IAS officer. After graduation, a job offer was received with a package of 19 lakh rupees annually. Since childhood, he had seen financial crisis, in such a situation, the decision to leave such a good offer was difficult, but for UPSC, he also took this difficult decision. At this time, his mother gave a lot of support. Ankush did not get success in UPSC in the first 2 attempts, but got success in the third attempt. In this way, his journey to UPSC was completed.

Watch here Ankush’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Ankit’s advice to other candidates

The UPSC preparations advise the candidates to work hard continuously. They believe that the less facilities you have, the better you will try to do. Never let happiness facilities come in the middle of your dreams. Ankush did not take any coaching help for UPSC exam. He passed this exam on the basis of self study. They say that whenever you need, seek the help of seniors. Take the help of internet and fulfill your dream. Finally, Ankush says that smart work, hard work and patience are very important for success in UPSC.

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