IAS Success Story: Manish prepares for UPSC with full time job, fulfills dream of becoming IAS in second attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Manish Kumar: Often people say that if you want to succeed in UPSC, then you have to leave everything and take 24 hours to prepare for it. However, some people achieve success by preparing for UPSC with their full time jobs. Today, we will tell you the story of Manish Kumar, who got 61st rank in the UPSC 2017 exam. This was his second attempt and he prepared for UPSC with a job. This journey was not easy enough for him, but due to hard work and dedication he showed success. His story is inspiring for all.

Preparation with the job keeps it positive

Manish Kumar says that when you prepare for UPSC with a job, you are more positive. You do not think that if you do not succeed in this exam then the career will be ruined. You remain secure about your job. Manish believes that preparing for UPSC with a full time job is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Many people say that there is no time for preparation after the job, but even with the job, you can spare many hours for studies. He did the same and fulfilled his dream and showed it.

Don’t say bad about an old job

Manish says that often people do not speak well about their old jobs, but should not do so. In the interview, he was asked about the job only. The people interviewed asked him why you want to leave a good job and come to UPSC. For this, he gave the reason for joining UPSC. The panelists were greatly affected by this. They say that you study for a few hours every day and try to cover your syllabus by studying more and more on weekends. If you do this smart work, you will get success soon.

Watch Manish’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Manish’s advice to other candidates

Manish says that preparing for UPSC is not impossible for those who are doing jobs. If he dreams of becoming an IAS, he can also prepare with a job. People doing smart work can cover the entire syllabus in less time. Those who are preparing with the job, consider it as a plus point and do not be disappointed at all. Hard work, dedication and good strategy play an important role in achieving success in UPSC.

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