IAS Success Story: Leaving engineer job and started preparing for UPSC, Himanshu’s dream fulfilled in the third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Gupta: The experience of UPSC exam is different for everyone. Many people give the exam with better preparation in the first attempt, then they get success. At the same time, some people make small mistakes, due to which they are not able to succeed. Those who recognize these mistakes and make the next attempt with better strategy, then they are definitely successful. Today, you will tell the story of Himanshu Gupta from Delhi, who joined the job after engineering. However, if there was no success in UPSC with the job, then left the job and started preparing. Himanshu’s hard work paid off in the third attempt and he got 27th rank in the UPSC 2019 exam.

Were smart in studies from the beginning

Himanshu Gupta was intelligent in studies from the beginning and his early education was done only in Delhi. After intermediate he obtained an engineering degree from Delhi Technological University. After engineering, he joined the company and also kept preparing for UPSC. With the job, he did not get success if he gave UPSC exam. After this, both of them left the job for preparation. Now they had a lot of time to prepare. However, in the second attempt, Himanshu made some mistakes, due to which his selection could not be done. Himanshu succeeded in the third attempt.

Success achieved by rectifying deficiencies

Himanshu Gupta made his first attempt with the job but in the second attempt, even after coaching, his selection could not be done. In such a situation, he first identified his shortcomings, due to which he got out of the pre exam. After this, he changed his strategy and started preparing. The special thing is that Himanshu prepared the second subject only after fully preparing one subject. He read the entire syllabus many times and also practiced answer writing. In this way, Himanshu took the exam with better strategy and preparation in the third attempt and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by getting success in it.

Watch Himanshu’s Delhi Knowledge Track interview here

Himanshu’s advice to other candidates

Himanshu advises people preparing for UPSC to keep themselves restrained. They say that you keep working hard in the journey of UPSC and do not wish for fruit. During the preparation of UPSC, do not think that you will get the floor or not. Just keep working hard honestly and improve your shortcomings and make the next effort better. They say that when you work hard and prepare with honesty, you definitely get success. According to Himanshu, failures in UPSC should not be disturbed. You should keep yourself motive. If you stay positive then you will get success soon.

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