IAS Success Story: Anukreethi became an IAS officer on the basis of self study, her journey is very inspiring


Success Story of IAS Topper Anukriti Sharma: The journey of UPSC is different for everyone. If someone achieves success through coaching, then one achieves success on the basis of self study without coaching. Generally people feel that coaching is very important for this exam, but it is not so. Today, we will tell you the story of Anukriti Sharma, who fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS on the basis of self study. They believe that you can pass this exam with the help of constant hard work and internet. She has become an inspiration to millions of people today.

Determined to become an IAS officer after marriage

After marriage, family responsibilities fall on the shoulders of most girls and after that it becomes very difficult to prepare for any exam. Anukriti Sharma started preparing for UPSC exam after marriage and showed her dream fulfillment. They believe that if you work hard continuously, you will definitely get success. Anukreethy has become an inspiration for girls who want to appear in this exam with married life.

UPSC’s journey was like this

Anukreethi Sharma failed in UPSC thrice in a row, but she was not disappointed and continued her preparations. In 2017, he made his fourth attempt and this time he got success. His rank of 355 came in UPSC 2017 exam. However Anukreethy was not satisfied with this and decided to try again. For this, he prepared continuously for 2 years and made the next attempt in 2019. This time he got 138 rank and got the rank of IAS according to his mind. In this way, his journey to UPSC was very long but his dream was definitely fulfilled.

Watch here Anukriti Sharma interview on Delhi Knowledge Track

Copying advice to other candidates

The people preparing for UPSC recommend to focus on Anukriti Self Study. She says that if you are coaching then it is a good thing but you should definitely focus on your self study. You have to work continuously to succeed in this exam. Many times it is also found in failure but there is no need to be disappointed by it. Anukriti says that in today’s era, the Internet is a good medium, with the help of which you can prepare for UPSC. There is a lot of material related to the preparation of UPSC on the Internet, from which you can remove according to yourself. She says that direct and accurate answers should be given in the exam. Every time you try to rectify your shortcomings, you will definitely get success.

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