IAS Success Story: After doing a private job for five years, Paritosh chose UPSC’s path, success in fourth attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Paritosh Pankaj: Many times people leave their accumulated careers to come to UPSC. Those people have the passion to pass the UPSC exam. Today, you will tell the story of Paritosh Pankaj from Bihar, who left his private job to join UPSC. He did not get success in the initial attempts but his dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled in the fourth attempt. Paritosh believes that for success in UPSC exam, you have no other option but to work. Those who want to adopt shortcuts in this exam waste their time. Let’s take a look at the story of Paritosh.

Joining’s private job after B.Sc.

Paritosh was smart in studies and after intermediate he enrolled in B.Sc Nautical Science. After BSc, he started working in a shipping company. After working for nearly 5 years, he made up his mind to join UPSC. Then he left his job and came to Delhi for preparation. After coming here, he started preparing with hard work. Three times he failed in UPSC examination but he was not disappointed. His dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled in the fourth attempt.

Shortcut for UPSC is not considered correct

Paritosh Pankaj believes that if you want to succeed in this exam, then you have to work continuously. You cannot succeed by coming here and adopting shortcuts. Paritosh says that after preparing for UPSC, your personality gets quite sparkled. Not everyone succeeds by coming here, but those preparing for the right strategy get success. Sometimes it may take time for you to get success but there is no need to be disappointed with it.

Watch here Pritosh Pankaj’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Trek

Advice to other candidates for gratification

Paritosh advises candidates preparing for UPSC to read through NCERT books. They believe that to be successful in this exam, you should first prepare for the basic. Paritosh believes that you make a good strategy and try in the right direction. They say that the initial efforts are full of energy for you. So try to do the exam by giving everything in the beginning. They say that when you get failure, you get frustrated, but it is also very important to be patient for success. Paritosh says that you should ignore the taunts of those people who give when you are unsuccessful. No examination can determine your personality. Your personality is more than any one test.

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