IAS Success Story: UPSC took care during engineering, then Anil fulfills his dream


Success Story of IAS Topper Anil Rathore: Many people travel to UPSC very quickly, some people take many years. Today, you will tell the story of Anil Rathore, a resident of a village in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, who thought of going to UPSC while studying engineering. For this he prepared and thrice he got failure. However, he was not disappointed and kept working hard. In the fourth attempt, he got 569 rank, which he was not satisfied and in the next attempt, he fulfilled his dream of becoming IAS by bringing 81 rank. After facing failure, he faced many challenges but he was determined to become an IAS. In such a situation, he kept himself motive and kept preparing. Eventually he got success.

Early education was done through Hindi medium

Anil hails from a village in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. He got his early education from Hindi medium. After the fifth class, he changed the board and studied till intermediate. After this, he gave the entrance exam of IIT, in which he got admission in engineering in a private institute due to not having very good rank. During engineering, he decided to go to UPSC. Anil believes that there are many positive changes in his life after enrolling in engineering. Here he grew the most and from here he dreamed of becoming an IAS.

Failure occurred at times

Anil got three consecutive failures in the UPSC exam. After this, there came a time in his life, where he started feeling depressed. He started to think whether he would be able to pass the UPSC exam or not. However, bypassing all these things, he kept himself positive and kept preparing. He overcome his shortcomings by learning from the failure found in the previous exams. In this way, he continued preparations and achieved success.

Watch here Anil Rathore’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Anil’s advice to the candidates preparing for UPSC

Anil Rathore believes that if you want to succeed in UPSC exam then you have to prepare well. You have to work hard by making the right strategy. They say that this is a test where you can get failure many times, but there is no need to be disappointed by it. Answer writing is very important to pass this exam. If you get a failure, do not be afraid of it, and improve the previous shortcomings and try the next better way. If you try in the right direction, you will definitely get success.

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