IAS Success Story: I got lakhs of package jobs after studying from IIT, but IAS desire changed Sumit’s career


Success Story of IAS Topper Sumit Kumar: The story of every person who gets success in UPSC exam is different. If someone joins this exam leaving their career, then someone prepares for this exam with a job. Sumit Kumar was born in Jamui, Bihar. There were no good schools in his area, due to which his parents got him admitted to boarding school at the age of 8 years. Gradually Sumit’s interest in education increased and he proved himself by passing the IIT Entrance Examination. He studied with IITs and got a package of lakhs, but he vowed to come to UPSC to serve the society. He had to make three attempts to become an IAS officer.

Parental support from childhood

The schools were not very good where Sumit was born. This was the reason that his parents had decided that they would get their education done from outside. When Sumit was 8 years old, his parents found him enrolled in a boarding school. Sumit was very smart in his childhood. He also received good numbers in high school and intermediate. From here, he decided to give the entrance exam of IIT and passed it and got admission. The support of his parents continued, and it was because of this that he achieved success in UPSC.

The second attempt was successful, but did not get the rank according to the mind

When Sumit took the UPSC exam for the first time, he could not even pass the pre-exam. Although he made his second attempt in 2017, he got success but got 493 rank. From this rank, he got the Indian Defense State Service, but his dream was to become an IAS. In this way, he overcome his shortcomings and made a third attempt in 2018, in which he achieved the 53rd rank. In this way, Sumit fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in the third attempt.

Watch here Sumit Kumar’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Sumit’s advice to other candidates

Sumit advises the candidates preparing for UPSC to work hard and adopt the right strategy. They say that do not be afraid of the failures found in UPSC and make the next attempt better by removing your shortcomings. To get success in this exam, it is very important to be patient. If you have to seek the help of a senior, then feel free to do so. If your strategy is not working then change it. Learn from failure and overcome your shortcomings next time. If you continuously try in the right direction, then you will definitely get success. Sometimes it can take time to get success, but be patient. You will definitely get the fruits of your hard work.

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