IAS Success Story: Nupur Goyal became IAS officer in the sixth attempt, not kneeling in front of failures


Success Story of IAS Topper Nupur Goel: If one gets quick success in the journey of UPSC, then it takes a lot of time. Today, you will tell the story of Nupur Goyal, who lives in Delhi, who took 6 years to get success in UPSC. During this journey, he faced many challenges and faced him firmly. Relatives also taunted him, but the support of the family got him and this gave him motivation. Eventually, he corrected his mistakes and achieved success.

How was the initial journey

Nupur Goyal is originally from Delhi and she was very smart in studies. After the intermediate, he obtained an engineering degree from the Technological University of Delhi. He then earned a master’s degree from IGNOU. She always had a dream of going to UPSC and for this she was preparing for a long time. Many times she failed, but she did not give up and finally fulfilled her dream.

Family support

When there was a failure in UPSC many times, people started taunting. However, during this time people of his family cooperated and mobilized him to make further preparations. Nupur says that the dream of UPSC is not just of the candidate, but of the whole family. In such a situation, the stronger your support system is, the more your chances of success will increase.

See here Nupur Goyal’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Nupur’s advice to other candidates

Nupur Goyal says that before going to UPSC, decide why you have to go to this area. Write your reason and hang it on your table. Whenever you see your reason, you will get motivation. Nupur says that you should never panic from failures and trust yourself. If you get support of your family, then you will be motivated to do even better. You should prepare a strategy for the preparation of UPSC and get involved in it. Whenever you get success, then after that, definitely see where there is any deficiency. In the second attempt, correct your deficiencies and improve.

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