IAS Success Story: Never wanted to send family to Delhi for UPSC preparations, but Sandeep achieved success on the strength of hard work


Success Story of IAS Topper Sandeep Kumar Meena: There are many big changes in people’s lives, which decide their future. Many people are not very good in studies in the beginning, but on the basis of their hard work they also pass the exam like UPSC. Today, you will tell about the story of Sandeep, who lives in Dausa district of Rajasthan. There was a time when he did not feel like studying and he was able to pass anyway. However, Sandeep dreamed of becoming an IAS after passing the UPSC examination and made it come true on the basis of hard work. The special thing is that he took the UPSC exam 5 times, in which he reached the interview round in 4 times but could not succeed. He gave his best performance in the fifth time and fulfilled his dream by achieving success.

Mind removed from studies after high school

Sandeep Kumar Meena did his early education in Dausa and was very smart in studying till high school. After high school, he was sent to Jaipur for further studies, where he lost his mind from his studies. He did not pass very well in the intermediate. After this, he took admission in graduation and was able to pass in graduation as well. After this, his uncle advised him to prepare for UPSC. For Sandeep, it was no less of a challenge but he was determined to pass the UPSC exam.

Householders did not want to be sent to Delhi for preparation

During graduation in Jaipur, their numbers did not come out very well. The housemates knew this and that is why he did not want to send Sandeep to Delhi for the preparation of UPSC. The family felt that Sandeep would not go to Delhi and study and that his company would deteriorate there. Sandeep very rarely persuaded his family members to Delhi. Now Sandeep was determined that he will return only after passing the UPSC exam. So he went to Delhi and started preparing with hard work. It was not easy enough for Sandeep, but still he started his strategy by preparing honestly.

Reached the interview four times but did not get success

In the first time, Sandeep reached the interview round on the basis of his strategy and hard work. He did not get success in the first time. In the second third and fourth attempt too, he passed the pre and main exam and reached the interview. However, even after reaching the interview four times, his dream was not fulfilled. Sandeep did not panic and he continued his preparations. He wanted to go back home only after getting success from here. For this, he took the exam after working hard for the fifth time. This time Sandeep got success and his dream of becoming an officer was fulfilled.

Watch here Sandeep’s interview given on Delhi Knowledge Track

Sandeep’s advice to other candidates

Sandeep says that before you start preparing for UPSC, it should be decided that in every situation we have to return home only after getting success. To get success in this exam, it is important to be patient. Do not be afraid of failures and keep working hard. They tell that many times when they failed to reach the interview round, relatives started taunting. However, regardless of all these, he kept working hard. He had decided from home that he would return only after getting success from Delhi. On the basis of his hard work, he showed his dream fulfillment in the fifth time. Sandeep says that it may take time to get success in UPSC exam, but you must be patient and keep working hard. One day you will definitely get success.

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