IAS Success Story: An incident in life forced Dheeraj to become an IAS from a doctor, his story is very interesting


Success Story of IAS Topper Dheeraj Kumar Singh: The journey of UPSC is very unique for everyone. If someone starts preparing for UPSC only after intermediate, many people try to get into this field after their graduation and post graduation. Many people come to the civil service after studying engineer and doctor. Today, you will tell the story of Dheeraj Kumar, who was a doctor by profession, from Gorakhpur, UP. There was a turning point in his life, where he left his frozen career and turned to UPSC. He has become an inspiration to many people.

How did you think of going to UPSC

Dheeraj was very clever in studies and because of this he made up his mind to go into the medical field. After intermediate, he took the entrance examination of MBBS and after passing it took admission in MBBS at Banaras University. His mother lived in the village and she became ill several times. Dheeraj was studying in Banaras and his father used to work in another city. Dheeraj appealed to his father’s officials to transfer the father to the home town. However, those officials did not listen to him. This endured a lot of endurance and he thought that when the officers of the doctor are not listening, then what will the common man hear. After this, he made up his mind to go to UPSC.

How was the journey of UPSC

Dheeraj also obtained an MD degree after obtaining MBBS degree from Banaras University. During this time, his career became very good and he got a job with a package of millions. However, the incident of father’s transfer brought a turning point in his life and he decided to leave all this and become an IAS officer. It was not easy enough for him. His parents also advised him not to do so. But Dheeraj was determined to become an IAS. He worked hard and went to Bangalore for preparation. After preparing here, in the first attempt, he passed the examination of UPSC in 2019. In this way, Dheeraj Kumar became an IAS after obtaining a doctor’s degree.

Watch Dheeraj Kumar’s interview on Delhi Knowledge Track here

Endurance advice to other candidates

Dheeraj advises other candidates preparing for UPSC to work hard. They say that from which background you have come here, it does not matter. If you study diligently and make a good strategy, then you will definitely get success in UPSC. Do not be afraid of failure and be patient. Do not leave any stone unturned in the preparation of the paper. Before the paper, identify your weekend and strength and work on it. Dheeraj prepared UPSC in Bangalore for one and a half years and achieved success in the first attempt.

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