IAS Success Story: There was no mind in studying in graduation, but the desire to become an IAS changed Anurag’s life


Success Story of IAS Topper Kumar Anurag: Most of the people preparing for UPSC feel that your background should be strong enough to pass this exam. Although there are some people who are not very good in studies in the beginning, but for the UPSC exam, they show success by working hard and achieving success. A similar story is of Anurag, living in Katihar district of Bihar, who has become an example for millions of youth. When Anurag was in graduation, he did not feel like studying at all. The condition was that during graduation he could not pass in many subjects, but once he decided to become an IAS, he did not look back.

Anurag’s initial journey was like this

Anurag did his early studies from Hindi medium. He was admitted to the English medium in high school. In such a situation, Anurag had some trouble, but through his hard work, he got good numbers in high school. He also got good numbers in Intermediate, due to which he got admission in Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi. However, he did not feel like studying in graduation. Due to this, it took many efforts to pass many subjects. When he enrolled in post graduation, he decided to become an IAS. In this way, they started preparing from the beginning and achieved success.

First time success, But IAS rank not found

Once Anurag decided to get success in UPSC, he did not look back. He made his strategy and started preparing. He started preparations from zero and got success in the first attempt. However, this time he did not get the rank of IAS according to his mind. He was determined to become an IAS, so tried again. In the second time, he fulfilled his dream by passing UPSC examination. In the year 2018, he got the 48th rank in the second attempt. In this way, Anurag set an example by passing the exam considered to be the toughest in the country.

Watch here interview given by Anurag to Delhi Knowledge Track

Anurag recommends this to other candidates

Anurag believes that instead of relying on the previous background for civil service preparation, you should prepare from the beginning. This is a test where you can start from zero and achieve success. Anurag believes that one should not be hasty to take UPSC exam. First of all, you should see its syllabus properly, plan accordingly. Make a strategy and prepare your mind and join this exam. They say that you should take time for your preparation to get success in UPSC. Everything should be studied well and practiced. If you prepare after taking all these things carefully then you will definitely get success.

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