IAS Success Story: Rehana has chosen the path of UPSC for changing the lives of the people of the society by leaving the medical field


Success Story of IAS Topper Rehana Bashir: For children whose childhood is full of struggle, it becomes difficult for them to dream big. Today, you will tell the story of Rehana Bashir, who lives in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, whose childhood was spent in a lot of struggles. When he was a few years old, his father left this world and left. In such a situation, his life became very difficult. However, despite these difficulties, Rehana’s dream was to become an IAS officer after passing the UPSC examination. For this, he prepared a lot and made his dream come true. The special thing is that she became the first woman to become an IAS from her district. Today she has become an inspiration for millions of youth.

Their childhood was full of problems

In childhood, the father’s shadow arose from Rihanna’s head. In such a situation, his mother suffered a lot to improve the lives of her children. The mother made every effort to teach Rehana and her brother. Rehana was also aware of the financial condition of her family, so she was very serious in studying. From the very beginning, he studied diligently. After passing the high school and intermediate exams, he took the medical examination and his selection was done. After this, he graduated in medical science.

This is how UPSC took care

When Rehana was graduating from Medical Science, she saw the problems of the society around her. In such a situation, she thought that if she goes to the civil service, then she can overcome her problems. Thinking about this, he made up his mind to go to UPSC. However, this decision was very difficult for her as she had passed the entrance examination of PG of Medical Science after graduation. Now he had two options in front of him – either do post graduation or prepare for UPSC. After much deliberation, he decided to prepare for UPSC.

First attempt failure

Rehana made her first attempt after starting the preparations for UPSC, which failed when it happened. For the first time she was feeling a lot of pressure and because of this her pre exam also could not pass. However, she was not disappointed and tried the exam for the second time. She passed the pre exam for the second time. While I was preparing for it, his mother underwent surgery and had to take care of him. Despite this, he continued his preparations and finally achieved success. His journey up to UPSC was very difficult but he achieved his dream of becoming an IAS by achieving success on the strength of his hard work.

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Rehana’s advice to other candidates

Rehana advises the UPSC candidates to work hard. She says that no matter how many difficulties come in life, we should not be discouraged and keep trying for our success. You definitely get success when you start preparing whole heartedly for someone.

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