IAS Success Story: This journey of Anurag is a reflection of strong will, from below average student to becoming UPSC topper.


Success Story of IAS Topper Kumar Anurag: Today, the success stories we are going to discuss with you, do not get such success stories. Have you ever heard that a boy who brings back in most subjects in college, or who is lured to be near, can become an IAS. Yes, this is our present-day topper Kumar Anurag. If you look at the educational background of Anurag, who lives in Katihar, Bihar, you will find that he has never been a good student. But his will has always been firm. When he did what he thought, he also showed it.

It can be understood broadly that even when Anurag was bringing back, he knew that it was his negligence and even when the idea of ​​topping was clear, he was clear about the fact that he would do it. The same happened, Anurag never looked back since the day he took his studies seriously. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Kumar Anurag shared the special things of his journey. Know in detail

Educational background of Anurag –

Anurag did his schooling from a simple Hindi medium school. After this, suddenly he was put into English Medium School in the 10th, but stubborn Anurag did not give up and passed the examination with good marks in the 10th. His performance in the 12th was also good.

After class 12, he graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi and Masters from Delhi School of Economics. This was a time when Anurag was not serious about studies at all. Sometimes he used to come back, sometimes he used to sit for a day before the exam. As soon as the class was passing by asking for notes from friends.

However, at the same time when he was doing PG, he thought of taking the IAS exam and see the irony, the student who was not able to pass the simple class, he started dreaming of sitting the toughest exam in the country. But it is said that UPSC has no meaning with your background, here UPSC and Anurag did not mean anything to the background. It was a new journey and Anurag was all set to get the destination.

Watch the interview given by Kumar Anurag to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Experience of Anurag –

Anurag says that he knew that he is deficient and successful is the one who tries to improve himself by accepting his shortcomings. Anurag did the same. Studied hard, make notes, gave fierce tests. Understand every aspect of the exam properly and the result is that in his very first attempt, Anurag got selected in the year 2017. But see the extent of Anurag’s passion that he was not satisfied with this much and he again took the exam. The very next year Anurag got the 48th rank from 677 rank and he got the post according to his choice.

In this regard, Anurag advises that this exam is different from other competitive examinations. Because every candidate who gives it has a special reason to come here, there is a passion which brings him to this area. Your competition is from such people, so it is important that you also have a passion that keeps you motivated during the entire journey.

Anurag gives the final advice that do not be hasty in starting the preparation for the exam. First of all, from the exam pattern to the strategy, plan it comfortably and only then proceed. Remember that it is mandatory to spend time in preparation so that you can choose the right way to reach the destination.

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