IAS Success Story: Despite failing twice in pre exam, Anjali did not leave job and became the topper in third time


Success Story of IAS Topper Anjali S: When we discuss various candidates in success stories, we get all kinds of examples. If someone is not able to choose a career for himself till the end, then someone changes his decision very soon. But our today’s topper Anjali S is a bit special. She was always clear about the fact that no matter how much effort is put in or how much trouble is there, she will never leave the job to prepare for UPSC.

When a man’s intentions are clear, he neither feels gilt nor is afraid of extra efforts to reach the destination. The same thing happened with Anjali, who, despite repeated failures, never left the job and achieved success by staying in the job. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Anjali shared her experiences with her journey.

Anjali’s UPSC journey –

Anjali S is originally from Kerala. His early studies were also done here. The UPSC took care of Anjali during her job and she started preparing. Although she used to get less time with jobs, but she used to manage in that. Despite trying his best, Anjali failed in the first two attempts. She could not even pass the pre stage. However, in the second attempt, she had failed with such a small margin that she got confidence in her mind that with a little effort, she can be successful.

It is the quality of positive people that they find a ray of hope even in despair. As Anjali did. Finally, in the third attempt, Anjali crossed not only the pre exam but also the three stages of the exam and was selected with All India Rank 26. Anjali also tells other candidates that preparing with a job is difficult but not impossible.

Watch the interview given by Anjali S to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Anjali used to prepare at night –

Anjali had to prepare with her job, so she would study at night. After studying from eleven o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the morning, Anjali used to go for a job after sleeping for a few hours. This was her routine but she does not advise anyone to copy it. Rather, she says that how and when you want to study with the job is up to you, but if you are determined that you want to do the job then it is managed.

Anjali says one more thing that everyone here talks about not being prepared with the job, but also see that the job security that comes from preparing with the job is also very valuable. In such a situation, the candidate mentally relaxes that at least his hands are not empty and he has a job. You cannot get this mental satisfaction without a job.

In the end, Anjali says that read again and again from limited books and when you are ready, give lots of mock tests. Get them checked as well and remove the deficiencies within time. If you take care of these things then you will definitely be successful.

IAS Success Story: This journey of Anurag is a reflection of strong will, from below average student to becoming UPSC topper.

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